The novelties of our cattery include

The acquisition of 3 animals imported.

Being two: one male and one female of the famous

Cattery Purrinlot U.S.,

Cattery this, that through his Breeder Laura Thomas

Introduced blue eyes and odd eyes

VAN blue eyes,

In bicolor Persians, they are:

Purrinlot of Sugar and BlueSavannah

Purrinlot Beauty of BlueSavannah

Misty Ridge OddeEyeSee of Purrinlot

Purrinlot Eye Leap for Joy

CH Purrinlot Fates Calling

Purrinlot Eye Believe and his Sister

If you want to know the site of these fabulous animals, here is the link:

Now we reap rewards of Sugar with a cat of our creation,

Resulting in a beautiful male blue & white Van,

carrying odd eyes perfect,

Our dear BlueSavannah Al Nur, which can be seen in

You Tube


When had only 3 months of age

And our beautiful blue-eyed girl fully:

BlueSavannah J'adore

Besides the fabulous carrying this genetic

Got a persian cat male of

Cattery Catillack & Jubileum, another famous cattery U.S.,

It is an animal splendid for its fabulous complexion:

Head, eyes, body and color to be a Van-Shaded Cameo, it is

Jubileum's Smokin'N the Boys Room of BlueSavannah,

Already acclaimed CHAMPION, when younger,

By the very American Cat Fanciers Association - CFA

Whose current president is Mr. Jerry Hansa,

Owner of this harmonious Cattery, along with Lisa.

Cattery BlueSavannah, a pioneer in the production of

Bicolours Persians with blue eyes here in Brazil!

Breeder and

Cattery Owner BlueSavannah


"Always try to buy cats from a creative and ethical professional

avoid acquiring animals from people who simply do matings,

without any technical knowledge: it is lack of accountability ... "

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